John Bel Edwards
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
Jim Craft
Executive Director


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Due to COVID 19 concerns, LCLE has been reduced to essential personnel only. The Commission is operating with only a few staff members present each day. In an effort to continue providing services, please direct any inquiries to one of the personnel listed below:

 POST / CVR – Bob Wertz / Carla Dominque

 Policy / Planning – Fredia Dunn

 Fiscal – Denise Hernandez

 Grants – Martha Addison

 Administration – Jim Craft
Please use email to contact us as phone service may be intermittent (Emails are hyperlinked with each corresponding name above). Our employees will continue to check emails and voice mails daily. LCLE has resumed some activities including meetings, travel, and POST testing. In some cases, depending on the area, cadets may be required to test in Baton Rouge. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Jim Craft
Executive Director


Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement (LCLE) is to improve the operations of the criminal justice and juvenile justice system and promote public safety by providing progressive leadership and coordination within the criminal justice community.

To this end, the agency provides a forum for all elements of the criminal justice system to come together in common cause and to develop multi-agency programs which serve the needs of a wide range of criminal justice organizations, support proven, critical, or innovative operational initiatives through the grant programs administered by the agency, promote the highest professional and ethical standards in law enforcement through high quality training programs, and to provide quality services to the criminal justice community and victims of crime within the framework of state and federal law and policy.

Public safety is a key element in the quality of life for all Louisiana citizens. The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement seeks to create an environment in which all aspects of the criminal justice and juvenile justice system work together to promote the security of all people in the state. We seek innovation where old solutions are not working, and seek proven programs in those areas where success has been attained. In decision making processes, we seek to bring together representatives from all aspects of the criminal justice community, so that decisions reflect the needs of the whole, and build on strengths of all agencies involved.

The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Criminal Justice is an Equal Opportunity Employer pursuant to the requirement of federal and state law.  Applications for employment are handled through the Department of State Civil Service.