John Bel Edwards
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
Jim Craft
Executive Director


Disproportionate Minority Contact


The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) needs your assistance.  We are seeking opportunities to collect and analyze data about the trends in law enforcement across our state.  One of our first efforts will be to collect data on juvenile issues.  Our state receives several federal grants that require our office to collect specific data.  The funds from the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDP) aid agencies throughout the state to assist those teens that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.  As outlined in the JJDP Act §223(a) (22) revised in 2002 a required area of study is Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC).  Previously, we have only requested DMC data from parishes that had direct recipient(s) of JJDP funding.  However, every law enforcement office feels the affects of these funds in each of our planning districts.  The funds may flow through any of the following offices:  Office of Youth Development, police departments, sheriff’s office, district attorney, courts, detention centers, counseling centers, and/or a not for profit that deals with the issues of 10-17 year old offenders and has a direct relationship with one of the aforementioned law enforcement entities.  (NOTE:  If your juvenile records exclude 17 year olds please indicate on the chart that you are reporting 10-16 year olds.)

 The DMC survey is in an excel spreadsheet.  The chart will make an excellent tool for members of law enforcement in your area to review in regards to DMC for each parish.  The spreadsheet will the breakdown of the numbers by race will be available for all concerned parties in your judicial district. 

See the definitions provided below for assistance with the chart.  If you have additional questions on this request or the chart, please call Opal West at 225.342.1885 or Rutha Chatwood at 225.342.1625.  Rutha is the JJDP Program Manager and can answer any specific questions about the grant funds in your area.