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John Bel Edwards
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
Jim Craft
Executive Director



Act No. 486 of the 2005 Regular Session of the Legislature established the Innocence Compensation Fund as part of a new state policy through which persons who have suffered the experience of being wrongfully incarcerated would receive compensation from the state for the loss of life opportunities resulting from the time spent incarcerated.


The policy was established to provide funds to these persons to help pay for the costs of job-skills training, necessary medical and counseling services, and tuition and fees at a state institution of higher education.


Click HERE for the LCLE application for innocence compensation.

Instructions are on the form itself.


Click HERE to reference the Innocence Compensation Law. 

(R.S. 15:572.8(S).



2017 Innocence Compensation Fund Annual Report

2016 Innocence Compensation Fund Annual Report

2015 Innocence Compensation Fund Annual Report

2014 Innocence Compensation Fund Annual Report



  For further information please contact (225) 342-1500.