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Victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Neurobiology of Trauma (EVAWI) - September, 2020

 ---Part 1 -- Understanding the Benefits of Science

 ---Part 2 -- Victim Responses During Sexual Assault

 ---Part 3 -- Memory Processes

Domestic Violence

        Investigating Strangulation (Training Module)

COVID-19 Brief

     Background Brochure - Terms to Know, How to Protect Yourself


Sexual Assault

Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (OVC) (added 4/24/17)

Sexual Assault Centers in Louisiana 

RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Louisiana Protective Order Registry

LDH - A Survivor's Guide to Sexual Assault Medical Claim

EVAWI - End Violence Against Women International

Resource Guide to Trauma-Informed Human Services (added 3/13/17)




(Updated  7/2021)