Learning Styles Inventory and Strategies

Have you ever tried to learn something fairly simple but found it difficult to grasp the key ideas? Or tried to teach people and found that some were overwhelmed or confused by something quite basic? Everyone person has a different way of learning. Knowing your learning style can help you prepare yourself for career or academic success.

What’s your learning style?

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1. When learning how to use my computer, I prefer to:
2. When getting directions to a new location, it is easier to :
3. To remember a phone number, I:
4. For relaxation, I prefer to:
5. I am better at:
6. In school, I learn best by:
7. I tend to be a:
8. When I study for a test, it works best when I:
9. It is easier for me to remember:
10. On Saturday, I would prefer to:
11. In a college class, it is most important to have:
12. It is easier to study by:
13. When I get lost, I prefer to:
14. When cooking, I often:
15. When assembling a new toy or piece of furniture, I usually:
16. When solving a problem, it is more useful to:
17. Which statement do you like the best:
18. When I was a child, my mother said I: