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#1. What is LIBRS?

#2. LIBRS is a program designed to support NIBRS in order to meet both _________ and _________ requirements.

Select all that apply:

#3. LIBRS is a statistical reporting program that collects and reports crime data using the agency’s preferred ___________________.

#4. For each reporting period, agency can submit their monthly report by sending their generated Flat Files through the __________________.

#5. What are the three environments in LIBRS certification process that properly train LEA(s) and ensure good quality data?

#6. LIBRS provides a ________________ to LEA and show their submissions over the year. This resource is an excellent way to track performance through accepted/rejected incidents and arrests, as well as the overall monthly scores.

#7. Under LIBRS FTP server, the Report folder holds files that are added to the database. This includes ____________ and ____________ which consist of errors that occurred with the submission.

#8. LIBRS requires that each reporting period is sent sequentially to keep the yearly report straight. Any LIBRS Flat File that falls out of order will automatically transfer to _______________ folder.

#9. What are some benefits of using LIBRS?

#10. LIBRS only limits the reporting of ___________________ offenses. This occurs when one offense is an element of another offense; therefore, cannot be reported within the same incident.

#11. LIBRS collects _________________ and __________________. These components are used within the incident report and simultaneously act as the questions and answers to a given scenario.